The Face In The Mirror

“Trying to change the world without changing our mind is like trying to clean the dirty face we see in the mirror by scrubbing the glass.”
Lama Shenpen Drolma

It is a mistake to locate the problems of the world in the other, as if we stood outside of the collective condition. Trying to change others in ways that will lead to a preferred world-experience for ourselves is misplaced effort. The deep and lasting change that is within our grasp is the change within ourselves.

Can we see our own face as the world face? What if we could look into the mirror and see not just our own face but the face of all people; see the human condition in our own reflection?

As a practical matter, the power of example is great. And we cannot credibly ask others to change if we ourselves are not willing to make the same changes. People will see eventually that we do not take our own medicine. And since our actions follow our thoughts we must first work on our own minds, work on the quality of our own intentions.


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