Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The will to overcome an attachment can never succeed without the willingness to let go of that attachment. I have tried to remove a troubling behavior or thought pattern by negating it through sheer force of will. The outcome has often been an unchanged status quo plus the new guilt of having failed in my attempt to change. Now I see that I must first ask why I hold on to the object of attachment. I have to ask what the payoff is in keeping the behavior or thought pattern that troubles me. Without insight into why I cling to the obstacles in my path, any attempt to remove them by force will only set me at war with myself. (For further consideration, see Yoga Sutras, 2.3 – the five kleshas.)


3 responses to “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. I am going to take the Yoga Sutras to Block Island with me. You are so right about sheer will power being totally ineffective in overcoming attachment. And, even when I see/know why I have a particular attachment, it won’t go away — probably because it’s on an intellectual, not emotional or spiritual level.


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