I need practice and I don’t.

“Truth is a pathless land.” – J. Krishnamurti

We of the world need something to relate to, something physical. I need something to count, something to strive for, something to perfect. I need commitment and progress. I need defeats and victories to bounce between. I need description.

At least I think I do. The sages say to let it all go. Drop it and see your perfection. Practice, don’t practice – you’re already there… Can my imperfect practice yield perfect realization? Not if I can’t break what binds me. But really, nothing binds me. Nothing can. It’s a misperception. I’m not held. I hold.

And what practice is there that will loosen my grip? Maybe I’ll never let go. If I ask, How can I just be? That’s still a question, still an action. I’m still thinking that I need to be some other way.

I’m still missing it, still holding on. Cease all striving. Cease all action. Stop complaining. Stop wishing, stop fishing. Stop investigating. Let your brain cool down. Come to zero for a moment.

What’s left when I’ve let it all go?


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