Expect Some Difficulty

Can I make a distinction between you and me? Not if I’m honest about it.

Do I love you as I love myself? Not sure you’d want that.

What does that even mean – love myself? Feels kind of split. Love needs an object, right? Like I love you. Love needs to be aimed at a target, right? But if I love myself I feel kind of torn.

How does love get that way in the first place? So that it needs an object?

That would happen if there were people I didn’t love.

Maybe I confuse love and want.

I want you.

I want you bad enough, I say I love you.

So love is heartfelt preference?

Is this the same love that can be unconditional?

If love can ever be unconditional, then it can never be otherwise. The unconditioned always was and always will be. It doesn’t depend.

Like truth – always present, seldom seen.

The unconditioned must be everywhere and always.

So if I wake up in love, I wake up in the heartfelt experience of all.

What if my mind can only hold my beloved?

What if my mind can only hold what I want? How do I get my mind to hold all?

Hard to do.

Maybe it’s hard not to do. Maybe that’s what all the fighting’s about.

I heard once that if you’re not yet a Buddha you should expect some difficulties.


8 responses to “Expect Some Difficulty

  1. I’ve always thought of love as smoke, a mist if you will. Floating along on the universal breeze. Inhaled BY all then released FOR all. In an endless cycle of inhaling and exhaling. In this way, you breathe in the love of those known and unknown to you. You share with all and all share with you. No one is ever without love, even if only for a moment, even if only for one breath. No one gets hurt and no one hurts you, because it’s simply an inhale and exhale; a complete release. In this way, it is truly unconditional, for neither you nor anyone else has control over the sweet breeze. You simply let go, fall and trust.
    So, if you let go and breathe it all in, you will hold what you feel needs to be held and you will release what you feel you no longer need. Attachment through detachment. Pure, sweet, unconditional love….like drinking from a fresh cold spring that comes from deep within the mountain.
    Simplistic perhaps but there is much beauty, much grace, much wisdom found in simplicity.


      • We all learn to see that and much more, in our own way and in our own time. Sometimes it’s when WE want to see it, and sometimes it’s when the Universe let’s us know it is time to see it. But in the end, the veil lifts and we always see


  2. Have to read this a few times to take it in and ponder. For now, thank you for the smile inspired by your last sentence.


  3. All I can say partner is, I don’t know why but I getcha. And I think I may have made my comment in my own post that crossed this in the night.

    Nothing is absolute. Except that it’s absolutely crazy on this planet. 🙂


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