Don’t let the sound of your own wheels…

… drive you crazy.

Take It Easy
The Eagles (1972)

Good yogi that I am, I can talk the talk.

I am proceeding at a high rate of speed from the anamaya to the anandamaya.  I slap myself hard every time I catch myself being judgmental.  I wake up in the morning with the dharma on my mind.  I want everyone to become more spacious. I don’t think about my problems (or yours) – I sit with them. I pray for you.

I get more authentic all the time.

Could my practice tighten into self-reference? Like Narcissus blown away by the beauty of his own reflection? After all, we have seen yogis with big practices come untethered. Not understanding why they are misunderstood.

Could I get so involved with my own lightness of being that I start to float away like a soap bubble?

If I kept showing up in a loin cloth holding my begging bowl, I would get it. I would understand. But after a while everybody else would start getting pissed off.

For all I know the baby in that stroller is eons my elder. The tramp in the alley could be on his last birth.

And we who are yet less than we can be are nevertheless wondrous.


6 responses to “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels…

  1. David, I feel that we are all separate despite our commonality. In that place of ourselves that no one else can ever know as well as we do or at least in the same way we know, I think that it’s allowable to rejoice in ourselves. And why not? If we are lucky enough to be born unto this planet of beautiful nature and curious creatures and we have some loved ones, good laughs, nice food, work we love or at least the ability to love what we do at times then why not also enjoy our own nature when it pleases us. At the end, no one will love us better for not loving ourselves but will love us better for loving ourselves as much as they love us. I know it’s a losing battle to worry about what pisses other people off because what other people think or feel is out of our control. Thank goodness, right? Who wants to be in charge of so many others! These are my comments because this is my counsel to myself as well.


    • “…we are all separate despite our commonality.” I agree, Hilary. And I want a practice that leads to this understanding without any tension between the two – both at the same time and no tension about it. What I think I see sometimes is that somewhere we can misstep in our practice and reinforce separateness to the loss of commonality. It’s a shame when the sweetness of this beautiful human birth is lost for whatever reason, and it’s all the sweeter for the sharing of it. You always make me think, Hilary.


  2. Everything matters. Everything counts. (sound familiar?) A single drop can raise the ocean. A pebble tossed makes ripples.
    We are all pebbles, made up of different substances. We all come from different ponds, rivers and oceans; different pastures, fields and mountains. We are different sizes, shapes and forms. In time however, once we’ve been tossed into the cosmic soup of this life, all of our ripples touch. We all intersect, linger, pass through and then move on.
    We are all made of stardust and dirt, hopes and wishes, pasts and futures, fire and water…all swirling around in the cosmic soup of this life. In this way and that, we are all unique…but we are all connected…and from where I sit, it’s a beautiful thing….


  3. Love it.

    P.S. It seems like once the annamaya-anandamaya circuit gets to a certain velocity of self-awareness, that is when practice goes Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

    But in a nice way.


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