She Has Her Own Mumbo Jumbo, She Doesn’t Want Mine

I’m a yoga teacher and I have a tendency to want to go knocking on my neighbors’ doors and ask them if they’ve heard the good news.

I’m on to something here. I’m pretty sure I’m right about this.

I’ve noticed that everybody else is pretty sure they’re right, too.

I think I heard somewhere once that any functioning system is sufficient unto itself. Something like that.

People who are getting by are … getting by.

You see me walking with a limp. I talk about my limp and the discomfort it gives me. I think about it a lot; send it energy. I go online and study up on it. I take it to the doctor and buy it medicine. Buy it a special shoe. I’m the guy with the limp. You think it’s my infirmity. It’s not. It’s my hobby.

The next time I want to help someone who hasn’t asked for my help, I think I’ll just hold the door for them. With love.


7 responses to “She Has Her Own Mumbo Jumbo, She Doesn’t Want Mine

  1. ….and when they thank you with a smile and a twinkle in their eye, maybe, juuuust maybe, the door will open within them as well….and not only will the “thank you” be for holding the door, but it will also be a “thank you” for being open to your insights; which they may only truly see with that simple gesture of holding open the door…and that’s when you’ll know that you made the right choice to unconditionally hold the space for them to pass through the open door….


  2. sometimes i feel like delivering swift kicks when no one bothers to say ‘thank you!’ for dapper door politeness. then i remember that i’m holding it open for all — including myself. 😉


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