The man who has mastered himself cannot be defeated.
The Ramayana

How many times can one man fall and still get up?

I keep waking up face down.

Did I just identify the situation and not offer any help for it?

I know I do that. It helps me avoid confrontation.

And what of humility? If I come to you as a beggar may I be spared the fight? Can’t we all just huddle in the back of the cave and tell each other lies?

It could be that I read on a wall somewhere that no one is spared the fight.

Does the exact center of a spinning circle move?

Osho said something like the exact center of sound is silence.

I keep dreaming of waking up on a battlefield, not knowing how I got there, hearing Little Willie John singing…

Talk To Me, Talk to Me.

So I say, Okay, I’ll talk – Cut me some slack, I’m an artist. A poet gone bad.

You’re a yoga teacher.

Same thing. I’m up and down and flyin around, gettin teeth knocked out, embarrassing myself, and you’re telling me that this is peace?

No. I’m telling you that you’re watching the edge when you should be watching the center. I’m telling you that this is the only battle there is. Everything else is illusion.

What if I don’t want to fight?

Want whatever you want; you still have to put up a fight. It doesn’t end until you do.

What if I lose?

You can’t lose because you can’t quit.

What if I die?

Dying won’t save you.

What if I have no faith?

Then find your will.

Dear Friend, I don’t like leaving you this way, but clearly I’m not the one to explain this. I will, though, make a basic observation – battle always seeks to answer a simple question: What will prevail?

And I will tell you that love always seeks its center.


13 responses to “Kurukshetra

      • Excellent.

        I did not think to google, did not think it a thing that existed but part of your poetry. I haven’t read the Gita in years.

        And now I hear Arjuna speaking in your post.

        Telling Krishna to pay attention to the center. That’s good. The center is a hiding place in that story and the hiding place still has to go to the edge, to battle, into the world.

        I love it. Keep writing. Even for those of us who are obtuse.:)


  1. So what if you envision yourself as a leaf, floating along in the stillness of the universal water.

    You feel the coolness of the water below and the warmth of the sun above.

    You trust and let go.

    You float where the current takes you.

    You feel no fear because you trust in the WAY.

    You trust in the breeze to blow you where it may, you trust that nothing will come up from beneath you or come down on you from above.

    You realize that you’re not floating along aimlessly; rather, you are being guided by a force unseen. You are being guided to what you need at that time….then you move on.

    When you let go and give in to this, it all makes sense.

    Why MUST there be a fight?

    Why MUST there be something to prevail over or against?

    Why can’t it simply BE.

    And in that BEing there is peace and love, acceptance and forgiveness, solitude and understanding.

    No more strife, no more fight, no more battle…just an open heart waiting to give and receive…


  2. Beloved…
    love always seeks the center…
    love is the edge and the center and the battle
    as you so eloquently describe…the battle clears the Way
    no one better to explain it than you Hermanao/C.O.G. —
    think you may have been at least FACE UP this time….


  3. This might be my favorite blog post ever – this may seem totally off the cuff but I wrote an outline for a project that’s perpetually under way. It’s called “The Tao of the Stallion”. “It ain’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” Maybe I’ve read The Gita too many times, maybe I grew up with Rocky and that’s why my infalliable faith in the underdog and life and love IS infalliable. I wear a wedding band as spiritual practice – moving towards center. This comment follows my initial reading, maybe way off center – but striking when the iron is hot, this is the comment that surfaced. There’s nothing like Krishna’s Song…..


  4. I just read this again,. Why didn’t I get it? I didn’t even need the Gita reference to get this. Maybe I just didn’t get the title. Why can’t we all just huddle at the back of the cave and tell each other lies? Oh dear God I love that line. As for the rest, the conversation is as good as any between Krishna and Arjuna. You rascal.


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