Chalk on Sidewalk

Someday everything’s gonna be diff’rent
When I paint my masterpiece

When I Paint My Masterpiece
Bob Dylan (1971)

I’m looking forward to the day when I have all my shit in one bag.

I’ve been saying that for a long time, though, and I’m not convinced I’m any closer.

Kinda like how the horizon always keeps its distance when you’re out to sea.

But… this way I always have something to look forward to.

Lately I might have lost some ground, because I’ve been thinking what does that even mean, having it all together?

Would that mean nothing left on my to-do list?


  • I got to my mat for an extra fine practice at 4am this morning
  • Then I worked out an amazing new sequence for my yoga class tonight
  • Fixed the bathroom faucet
  • Put my will in order
  • Attained full, wordless comprehension of the unspoken, final insight of my inner guru
  • Completed making amends to everyone I’ve ever wronged
  • Went a week without a lustful thought
  • Went a week without an angry thought
  • Went a week without any thought
  • Cleaned out my sock drawer

Past all tidied up; future well arranged. Is that nirvana?

This list could get very, very long. I don’t recommend you do this. It gets depressing.

Do this instead…

Stop thinking you need to be better than you already are.

Take an easy breath and notice what it’s like to be in a body.

Give thanks for the body, even if it’s full of dents and duct tape.

No, wait. Don’t give thanks. Don’t do even that much.

Just stay with the experience.

Dwelling in future time is just some way of trying to resolve the present, right?

Stop thinking about time. (If you’re not in time, then you’re in the infinite.)

Contemplate for one minute each:





Send thoughts of good will to the worst person you know.

Not ready for that one?


Do this…

Call to mind someone you love. Hold their image tenderly and send these thoughts…

May you find happiness.

May you find peace.

May you be free.


11 responses to “Chalk on Sidewalk

  1. That Holy Land is right here, inside of no time, not even a breath away! I think it might even be inside my sock drawer as well…Perhaps tonight I will have a sock vision….Thank you, David! There are many burdens, and none at all. I worry, and I am certain that there is nothing wrong. I judge myself, when there is no trial. I keep forgetting and remembering this.


  2. May you find happiness…may you find peace…may you be free….and one more…may you simply be.
    May you find love in all you are and all that you are not. But through it all, know that you are loved.
    Great big pixie hugs to you my dear one!


  3. Gosh, just when I think I can’t love you anymore, you write something more. You are a beat poet, a word artist, and a wise soul brother. Peace out.


  4. I really do enjoy that you got Bob Dylan and wordless comprehension, a worry and a resolution of that within the economy of so few words that they pass by in a minute.

    And I do like that wordless comprehension of your guru’s wisdom is a bit above the cleaning of the sock drawer in your check list though I suspect that such comprehension typically comes to me while doing a mundane task and disappears with the next one.

    Someday everything’s gonna be different. Man, that’s a mouthful.

    You are really the coolest.


    • You know, H… If I could maintain perfect mindfulness while cleaning out my sock drawer and have full, wordless comprehension of the importance of that little task… If I could do that, I might just call it good right there.


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