Which Wolf?

The Buddha is quoted in the Dhammapada as having taught that hatred cannot end by hatred; that only love can end hatred.

This is a hard teaching. It is contrary to our sense of justice – but then, what is justice among men.  It sounds weak to those who value retribution. It is at odds with pride and honor. It sounds like a rationalization for not doing the dirty work that needs doing.

I don’t have to look far to find those reactions; I need only look within.

A boy asked the grandfather, Which wolf will win?

The grandfather said, The one you feed.



7 responses to “Which Wolf?

  1. Your insight continues to inspire me. I’ve found I can’t hold on to the hate and need for revenge. Once I let it go, things work out as they should. Though it does take a conscious effort. I went through an obsession with South Africa and the apartheid. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was an exercise in forgiveness and understanding. Perpetrators and victims of violence were allowed to speak about their experiences openly and address those who hurt them. The whole idea is so profound. When I first started reading up on the subject, I was thinking, “How can someone who’s withstood so much violence forgive?” It didn’t seem fair. My first instinct was lock all of the “bad” guys up and throw away the key. But many of the participants actually found it more healing to address the wrongs and let go. I’m in awe of the courage it took as a nation.


    • Excellent example, Colleen. We have examples we could follow, and some do of course. But it takes more mindfulness and more courage than many of us have. Nevertheless, the proof is there. It can be done. Thank you.


    • Wow, that is a great example… I wish more people would manage that. Unfortunately, I come from a Latin American country still marked by a dictatorship 20 years ago. Politicians to this day, continue to judge each other by their parents’ actions in that period 😦 I wish they could follow that example…


  2. The Boston marathon is a challenge for us not to dissolve into the call for justice or revenge. Yes even the bomber deserves our compassion. Karuna ma Thanks for your blog! How is the sale of your house going? Sue

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