pocket change…

There are things I don’t have any business thinking about. If I started thinking about them now I’d just wind up in an alley somewhere with something I don’t know how to deal with.

I try to keep a lid on it.

If someone asks me whether they should kill off their ego I say,

…I don’t know. If you want to kill something, go kill one of your opinions. Kill the Buddha, if you see him.

One time a so-called friend came charging at me ON MY OWN DAMN HORSE. She figured I’d jump out of the way, but my macho genes kicked in and I stood there. Just before she ran me over, my horse locked up the brakes and smart-ass did a somersault right between my horse’s ears and landed in the mud, on her butt, at my feet.

Very, very sweet.

That happens to me. I start hollerin at strangers like I know what the fuck’s going on, and… BAM! somersault between the ears.

A message flashes on the screen: Go write “I am still in kindergarten” ten thousand times.

Then for a while my practice feels like penance.

Krishna told Arjuna that his mind could be his best friend or his worst enemy.

As long as I can’t see perfectly clearly I’m bound to be at least a little wrong about pretty much everything.

If I lay here long enough, something will begin to crawl over me.

I empty my pockets out on the table, looking for a key.  There’s something there that says… Watch closely and keep asking yourself… Is that you?



5 responses to “pocket change…

  1. I think this is my favorite blog post ever written. Maybe because it resonates with my life in this moment. Maybe because I don’t know shit. But I do know I read your posts and say- okay there’s one guy out there who gets it. We may all be alright. Thanks Bharat!!!


  2. Okay, so if I had a printer I’d print this very blog post and carry it around in my purse or journal as a talisman. No, really, I like talismans, they help often. This post would make a great one.


    • You know, Auntie… you just never know. Sometimes I write a post and think, Man, I’m just talking to myself, nobody else feels like this. This was one of those. And you and Oneika both connected right away. It just goes to show that we should go ahead and put out there whatever is coming up for us, and not worry about it. Thanks, Auntie.


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