for your eyes…

I like to go over to the river on my lunch break and look at the water. There’s a path that runs along, and there are lupines and other wild flowers in the spring. There are some blackberries that I can pick in August. The past year or so there have been some private property signs posted telling everybody to keep out. I obey. Lots of people don’t, but I do. I’m not a troublemaker. So now I go to the town boat landing and look at the water down there. Same water.

We’re close to the sea and the river moves with the tide. When the tide is low the water is shallow for a ways out. One day I was watching what was going on in the shallows and my attention landed on a plant. It had big leaves and it was moving around with the water there in the muddy bottom. Sun was on the leaves. A few minnows were hanging around beneath the leaves. I thought maybe it had roots that were helping to hold the mud together. I saw energy attracted to the plant. I started thinking about how the plant served a purpose. I thought, energy is attracted to purpose, and things that don’t serve a purpose lose energy and don’t long endure.

I like my little axiom and I think about it sometimes. Right now I’m thinking that it might be a kind of survivalist premiss. Kind of a law of the jungle thing. The old and the sick of the herd aren’t good for much anymore? Fine. They can make themselves useful by lagging behind to keep the lions entertained.

If surviving long enough to breed and then get eaten is all that’s called for, why do I have this mind that thinks about higher purpose and searches for god?



9 responses to “for your eyes…

  1. Did you really say that? “They can make themselves useful by lagging behind to keep the lions entertained.” What a hoot.

    Is energy drawn to purpose or does energy create purpose? I think that energy creates and then more energy is attracted to that so both is right. Maybe we who are destined to feed the lions are just tired. Energy has not forgotten us. We have just come up against too many signs that say “keep out”.


  2. You ponder because you are a being of light, born from light and to light you will return. Like the water you watch, you move and sway, ebb and flow with universal energy. You move with the current…sometimes gracefully and sometimes blundering through; but always, there is movement.

    Why search for a higher purpose? I answer…why not?


  3. I think that we all have a purpose even the lagger behinders. It seems to me like a circle of sorts, where is the beginning and where is the end.?The laggers support the universe it seems as much as the fronters. We have the gift of celebrating the whole, all at once in a way. Thanks for your thoughts.


  4. I wonder about my purpose more than I’d like to admit. Temper tantrum for no reason – oh no, there’s a reason…but still, why? Good job with all that meditation Nick, I think, then it could have been worse. At least the cats are the only witnesses and they aren’t telling anyone (they do, however, get extra treats to keep their mouths shut). This longing remains, “restlessness” some mystic of an author would call it. Energy is attracted to purpose. I like this very much, don’t be mad if I copy it in my journal.


    • I could never get my cats to dish, and all the time they could have been putting my business all over the neighborhood. Cats have their own thing going. You made me think about intention, Auntie. There’s a spiraling effect, isn’t there, no matter which way you aim it – I’d call that karma. There’s a connection there somewhere. But I start thinking about purpose and I think, well, if it’s a closed system, then okay, we need purpose but so what? If there’s no purpose to the system as a whole, then so what? So I keep turning toward, Is there a reason/purpose that the system exists at all? Oddly, I’m pretty content not having a steady answer for that.


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