blind cat catches bird

I find contentment to be a hard teaching.

Am I to be…

grateful for my sorrows?

Do I count among my blessings…

that a friend paints a picture of a poem and feels unworthy of being

who she deeply knows herself to be?

Should I dig up the fear that I keep buried in my back yard?

(I have long had a fear that I will come at last to the end and have nothing to say.

… or no one left to listen.)

I write down what it takes to make me happy knowing that I’d be happier if I didn’t.

Have you noticed how existence comes in and out of being?

How everything that exists in this moment no longer does?

Have you noticed how this moment dies as it is being born?

No sorrow without caring.

No joy without caring.

Twins born of love.

One forever becoming the other.



This post was inspired by Hilary and Isabelle over at bitchinyoga.

The yoga practice of contentment is known as santosa.


8 responses to “blind cat catches bird

  1. Isabelle and I thank you. What can be contained and kept on a shelf as it is? Nothing. It will change even so. Love is both a binding and an offering. One implies a prison and the other unmeasurable freedom. But they are one thing together. The trick is knowing how to manage that I suppose.


    • Yes, love…the tie that binds… This side of enlightenment, most of us have to deal the best way we know how. We are here to learn, though, so I’m not sure I’d have it any other way. Anyway, that’s what friends are for.


  2. So is it true that everything comes and goes, or might there be something that does not? Could the trick be to not be mesmerized by the thousands of things being born and dying every moment, and see what does not come and go? And could that no-thing gives the meaning to all of the coming and going? So what is that, that does not come and go, is not manifested? Is that what is forever becoming the coming and going itself? Like seeing the space instead of the things in the space, but much less manifested than that…?

    I will always listen, Bharat. It helps the confusion inside my head to say ahhhhh….and then it is not confusion for awhile. It comes and goes…just like all things.

    “First there is a mountain…then there is no mountain, then there is!”


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