Keepin’ The Rubber Side Down

Finally got my shit together. All of it. It’s in the back of a 14′ U-Haul. Here’s something – and I think this might be an epigram: If you and your mate can’t get all your shit in the back of a 14′ U-Haul, then you have too much shit.

Okay, that’s just some made up wisdom to fit the situation.

Like… If He didn’t want you to eat’em, He wouldn’t have made’em cows.

Like that.

I haven’t been hanging around your blogs and writing my own because my wife and I have been on the road. We’re moving from Maine to New Mexico. Tonight we’re in Oklahoma. Never seen so many pickups. Or, as my wife observed, Don’t see many Volvos around here, do ya.

Sold our house.

Gave away our cars.

Quit our jobs.

So basically… we’re out of work, on foot, and homeless.

All part of the Master Plan.

It turns out that herding this truck 7-8 hours a day is more work than I am presently suited for.

By the end of the day I feel like I’ve been rode hard and put up wet.

But I have written a couple of amazing posts in my head over the last few days while we’ve been driving along. If I can just remember…

Oh, yes…

Today’s Travel Tip:

If you’re going to stay in a cheap-ass motel, be sure to bring your own toilet brush and do not eat the oatmeal.

Westbound and down, Y’all.


11 responses to “Keepin’ The Rubber Side Down

  1. Hey you, To you and yours, happy trails.
    Keep it light. You’ll be alright.
    So good to hear you hail from the dusty track with all you’ve got strapped to your back.
    Thinking of you travelers with love and a bit of skewed envy. I have a romantic fancy for a long hall and an open door. xo


    • Lightening the load feels good. And hitting the road feels good, but I gotta tell ya, Hil, it used to feel better. I like my routine. But new land and new adventure for sure and I am looking forward to it. Hope you’re well, my friend.


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