Truth often can’t be told

By yes and no

Sometimes blood must be shed

Teeth knocked loose

Great epics retoldporch - BW

Elders interviewed

Children raised

Murals painted

Before it comes out

Don’t insist upon being told the truth

Until you’ve cleared your calendar


If there is anything at all that is changeless and unending

Within any being

Then the changeless and unending must necessarily be within

All beings who are, ever were

Or ever will be

The infinite is not

In one place and not in another

We show little interest

In our vastness

We are comforted by the illusion

Of a smaller life


If you come across me someday bleeding

My leg caught in a bear trap

Please don’t try to save me

I just wanted to see how it felt

Before I went dancing



8 responses to “3

  1. A teacher…….you were natural born and a poet too. Keep the poetry rolling, perhaps a little book compilation some day which include your artistic flourishes. I always look forward to your new posts arriving in my e-mail box. Thank you my friend for this continuing thread of wisdom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind words, as always. I’m having a joyous time making the poems. I mean to communicate with them, so it helps me to hear back that they land with you. Thanks.


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