Who is free

A silent saint

In a dungeon

A screaming king

Who keeps a saint imprisoned

Who is it… who is not free

Who is it… who wears the robe and sword

Who is it in a cell

Who is it who says

Freedom and bondage are only clouds

It isn’t personal


 I went into the desert on a cloudless day

I don’t know why I tell you there were no clouds

There must have been a few

I went there to pray and as I had feared

I couldn’t bend my knee

Pride wouldn’t let me

I started feeling defensive

Standing there on top of that dune

I looked up into the cloudless sky and shouted

Man, if you the almighty creator of all creation are so prideful that

You need to hear my puny little prayer

Then I guess I know who I get it from

But still…

I had gone there to pray

Someone I love had asked the favor

So I asked for blessings to fall upon

Everyone I love and everyone I don’t

I asked for all beings to be patient with me

I picked up a handful of white sand and I thought the Cosmic Divine

Doesn’t need me to pray

I do

I asked for a sign that I was on the right track and immediately

Regretted it

Man, you don’t need proof you need faith

I got up and walked down the dune

Saw my first white lizard



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