It is not dying that I fear…

When I die
Won’t you carry me down to a dark charnel ground
And chant my name to the bones


It is not dying that I fear
It is being forgotten
As if I had never been
That ices my heart
Did my life begin with me
Does it reach only to the tip
Of my fingers
If I search without and live only in remembrance
I can never know

Bravely look within
See there is no beginning
No end


Figuratively, we all have within us charnel grounds – dark and difficult places. Those places are charged with vital energy, and practicing there is difficult.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article on “charnel ground.”


4 responses to “It is not dying that I fear…

  1. My dearest friend, I do not fear being forgotten. I expect it. Yet my life always has been part of the continuum and can not be forgotten in the sense that it is intrinsically part of the thread of the tapestry of interwoven connections linking all. We used to pray, “As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, Amen.” Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to say “world without beginning or end.” I think the next dimension after the death of this body will keep me busy. Today it is Jim Henson’s birthday–now there’s a life that shall go on forever! Namaste, dear one. –Margaret

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    • Yes – good bitchin koan… The ego-bound mind compulsively walks up to strangers and asks, Do you see me? A perpetual insecurity that plays out in many difficult ways. Voice of experience here. Love you back, Hilary.


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