never saw the tiger again

Lived for years with a tiger. We were cubs together. The tiger kept growing and came out to be a lot bigger than me. We were friends so I didn’t worry. We shared a sleeping spot and kept each other warm. Nobody bothered me when I was with the tiger.

I thought one day that the tiger seemed restless. And I thought I could see some primal imperative behind the glint in those bright, yellow eyes. That night I awoke when its soft snore began to sound like a roar. A great, clawed paw rested against the side of my head. I felt cold panic rising in my veins. As quietly as I could I slipped from that embrace, found my shoes and crept out to the road.

The night was dark and I was cold. Dogs began barking at me and raising the alarm. I knew that if the tiger followed and found me, there would be no pretense of friendship. I thought of how well the tiger could see in the dark. And I thought of how often I had made bad choices just trying to stay warm. But I was fortunate. The friendly alligator down on the corner offered to take me in.


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