I no longer hear music
I am full of fear
And hunger

So I come to wash free
Of my heart of thorns

Flows a river
Over cracked and dusty tongues
Brother Teardrop

People here call the river
Mother Mary

Is it fate or cosmic play
Is it my own damn fault

Is it wrong that I wait
For the river


An anguished man looks for grace. Grace is present and speaks to him, calling him Brother Teardrop. The man finds it difficult to accept what is offered. He reaches forward while holding back.


4 responses to “River

    • The tragedy of Brother Teardrop is that the music is all around and as sweet as ever, but he has lost confidence that the music is for him. Grace speaks to him, but he can’t believe that something so good can be for him. The bright side is that it will all still be there for him, when he is ready. Good to see you, Teenie.

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