In a Whisper…

A certain man noticed one day that he was in chains. He studied the chains for a while and came to see that he was not bound. He saw that he held the chains in his hands. His hands had grown stiff over the lifetime of his years, and opening his hands to release the chains might be difficult he knew. But he thought that he could do it.

He thought that he could do it, but he did not see why he should. The chains seemed to be his, and he thought there must be a reason that he held them.

He liked knowing his limits.

He liked being what he had always been.

He liked the feel of the iron.

Nevertheless, he was not at peace. There was a hardness in his mind at times that made him ache. His times of relief were like the stillness between wars. He was no longer sure that he should hold on. He did not know why he should let go.

He went as deep as he could and asked once more … Why should I turn from all I thought I was? Why should I lay down my chains?

The truth might arrive as a lightning bolt revelation; it came to him like a lover’s whisper
Because, you are needed.


Each moment is a great moment wherein a man or a world may awaken.



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