Desire saves us…

6-20-12 004Desire saves us

From the exquisite truth

Of a life too pure

Too vast to manage


4 responses to “Desire saves us…

  1. Thinking about desire myself!. I was in the midst of writing about dissatisfaction, a component of desire. I don’t know where I’m going with it but I think I’m going to have to say that desire is the instrument of change.

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  2. omg. It’s like you died and then I found out that you didn’t! I lost your blog posts a long time ago because they somehow stopped coming into my inbox. I did not investigate further, I just mourned the loss. And here you have been writing all this time…I will read them all and feel so full I will not need to eat. Thank you, David, for continuing to BE and to wonder and to write it down and share it!

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    • How great to see you, Martha! I’ve been here all along, but the interwebs do have mysterious ways. Writing some poetry these days, and same themes as ever. I miss you and everyone. I really do. Our weekly circles were so important to me. I’ll keep writing – think I’ll put one up today – and you keep reading! Give everybody a big hug for me. I love you…


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