The Thinker and The Thought

The thinker and the thought

Each bring the other into being

Even that much

Divides us



4 responses to “The Thinker and The Thought

  1. Good one Bharat! I finally have a consistent meditation and yoga practice going again. I see the improvement in my life, how helpful it is for me. From the silence I sometimes observe my divided self and with persistence I can work on connecting with the truth. Something just came up for me recently, that I identified who I was by saying “I am an activist”. That made me feel good, that “I” (capital and bold i), was going to save the world. All of a sudden I see the delusion in that. It is me that has to change and I will never be able to save the world. Hopefully, we will evolve as a more kind, loving and compassionate species but it will take a long time. I believe our practice is a good start.
    Thinking about you and wonder how your new life is going. Fondly your friend ~ Skylark

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    • That is beautiful work, dear friend. It really is. And remember, too, that the rain falls one drop at a time and it fills the oceans. What you do is important. Do it with love, and it will be right. So very good to hear from you.


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