You and I argue the truth of our illusions

Ready to die for

Ready to kill for

I have come to suspect that I look for truth
Through a labyrinth of myriad preference
So that it arrives as something familiar
A locket of golden judgment

I have seen it written on a wall
That truth is the manifest infinite
Indifferent to my knowing
Unknown to any who think they can name it

Therefore any conclusion I might draw of the right and wrong
Of you
Is no deeper than dust
On an ocean wave



4 responses to “Dust

  1. I continue to be in awe and delight when reading your poetry; you are SO gifted!!! Thank you for always sharing them with us.

    And thank you for your sage advice and loving support re Julia. I will write to the sangha this evening with an update, but predominantly things are going “well”. I have definitely felt you all here with me. Remarkably actually.

    Love to you and Elizabeth,


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  2. Dust on an ocean wave just makes my skin crawl in the best way that writing attempts to evoke feeling. Of course my opinion is immediately that dust on water is dirt but if you said opinions were nothing but dirt it might offend. 🙂 And then my opinion is colored by my experience. And my experience tells me that anything that tries to ride a wave will become the wave itself if only for a moment. And in that moment, as you perceive, that opinion, that dirt, that dust on the wave is impermanent anyway. Got to keep riding the waves, keeping an open and unmuddied mind. Nice work.

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    • That could be my blog tag line – “Making Your Skin Crawl Since 2009!” I like it! Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Hilary. Ocean waves are great teachers. Good to see you.


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