dear one…

dear one
if you are worried
that some would be disappointed
if they knew you
for who you truly are
don’t be
those who love you best
know you perfectly well



10 responses to “dear one…

  1. Those who embrace all of you with your imperfections will love you best, so be all of who you are. I am no longer shy to reveal who I am. Some will not find me their cup of tea. Their rejection is theirs, it’s not part of me. This doesn’t mean we don’t strive to work on those aspects of ourselves that are rough. Hopefully we are always evolving, trying to open up, pry through the layers and be the best we can be.
    Love you, Skylark

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    • I think that there is a necessary evolution of consciousness, if we humans are to ever reach our fullest humanity. I’m thinking also that the idea of (im)perfection is not in the main line of this evolution; I think it might even arrest the process. The work is subtler and more difficult. And it begins with the practice of self-observation that you are in – without comparison, as much as is possible. That said, what you speak of is generous and graceful and that is always the right track. Love you, my friend.


    • So very good to see you here, Oneika. I so admire you for your yoga teaching practice at Riker’s. You are bringing light to ones who need it. I think that when love is present, we want to know each other in our fullness. When we love we see each other deeply and love all the more. I’m guessing that your practice at Riker’s is grounded in love and compassion. Namaste, my friend.


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