dear one

a forester once
cut into a tree
and his saw broke to pieces

living beings grow up and around
the things that are done to them

a hard and hidden thing
sinks deeper in the years

sticking growth where it lies
and no one sees

though life remembers
what memory fails

if a smithy leaves a horseshoe hanging
in the fork of a young tree

it is not the tree’s doing



4 responses to “stuck

  1. Yes. There have been a lot of discussions on the news and public radio about human sex trafficking. One woman who called in to a show on the radio spoke of how her mother in Maine sold her into sex trafficking—I think mostly porn photos in the beginning—when she was 6 years old. Can you imagine? How insecure a world that must have been for her. But she spoke of how she was controlled and how judges, police officers, social workers, well-off members of society, etc. were all partakers in the sex trade. She’s back in Maine now, as a survivor, working with other survivors to help bring the problem to light. A caller wanted to know if any particular religion was more or less involved with representatives in sex trafficking, but another expert on the radio show spoke of how she had traveled to many countries and it affects everyone, people of all religions, all cultures. One male caller wondered if sex education in schools was the problem, but that was quickly dismissed as not being the issue, since they said, it’s more about greed and control than sex. It’s a money-making scheme and there’s a market for it. One local police chief on the news said he’s never met anyone happy about selling their body for sex. The expert on the radio also said that where brothels have been made legal, the situation is only made worse, with more crime brought into the area and men coming in feeling entitled, so more abusiveness. In Maine, apparently where the cruise ships come in is where more sex trafficking occurs. Population centers are where money and the demand is. It’s sad enough when adult people don’t feel they have another way to acquire money but through selling themselves, but for parents to sell their children into the trade…tragic.

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  2. Masterful writing. But I wonder if we are not called on to be less passive, receptive than the tree. When the horseshoe is hung in the human, adaptation might happen but deformity might also happen. We call on our resources like yoga to expel the horseshoe. Still, I like the idea of adaptation. It’s a well written vision of survival.

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    • I was trying to get at a core wound that remains as a block within and affects our lives until it is seen for what it is and dealt with. I wanted to approach it broadly, but I was thinking most about those who are betrayed as children and, in particular, hurt by those they trusted to protect them. Often the wounded child believes that they were at fault for what was done to them, and – stating the obvious – I wanted to say that the child is innocent. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Hilary.


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