My Life As A Lotus

in the rich and rocky
dread where the fallen
sink and settle in the darkness
hidden from a shimmering
beginning is made
toward what must be
a reach and turn toward the source
blinding if not prepared
withering if not at one
turning toward returning
at last toward beginning
in the generation and solace
in the rich and rocky
dread where the fallen
sink and settle in the darkness



2 responses to “My Life As A Lotus

  1. If time is not linear, in every waking moment we might also learn to die. This is the only thing that is inevitable. I realize in reading here how ill prepared I am as in every other thing there is possibility. Perhaps there is also potential in death. And then your poem is a call to action.

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  2. If we really take seriously as truth the eternal now, then time is just another useful concept but not an ultimate truth – inadvertently, it becomes a recognition of impermanence. I try to take eternal now seriously, and when I can, things look like movement of energy (3 gunas) that we perceive into phenomena and then name. This helps us get through the day and converse with each other. It also gives us a way to separate ourselves from our own experience. I find my richest teachings are waiting for me in the dark. And death is dark, we say. I don’t want to lose any of that. Karma affects probability, but as you suggest, the potential and possibility are still there beyond the conceptualizing. Round and round we go until we work ourselves free of the self’s limiting perspective. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, H. Always appreciated.


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