doing by not doing

Being perfectly
herself River fills the sea
without trying to



4 responses to “doing by not doing

  1. Because of a few encouraging words from you years ago, I was brave enough to open a studio, as small as it is it feeds those who need it. The name of my studio is River and you always capture its essence without even knowing of it.

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    • We can go along just putting it out there day after day and wondering if we’re on the right track. If we are working from love and being as true as we can manage, we should have faith that we’re doing okay. There is no doubt in my mind that your radiance brightens the day of your students and others. Me, for example – you have given my faith a boost. Thank you for the wonderful comment. Peace


  2. The river carries the water, a constant reminder that in spite of our problems, we are clear. (A paraphrase form “The Bookmof the awakenign” by , Mark Nepo

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