an artist began to paint…

an artist began to paint
a picture from an image

he had in his mind
the face of a woman
began to appear on his canvass

as he painted
his throat tightened

is that how it is for you, God
the creator falls in love
with the creation



6 responses to “an artist began to paint…

    • Writing one of my older posts, Shiva in My Driveway, I came to believe that destruction is an aspect of creation. Just as the present moment is always dying and is always being born. Thanks, Hil. And thanks for the share.


  1. there is a reflexivity in this that is quite beautiful b/c I am hearing that the artist was in love before the painting came through, and perhaps God loved all that was created before it was created… I hear this is true of parents as well as artists…

    Thank you dear brother for opening my sad heart on this dark night…

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