Standing Too Close

if I held some offense
to my heart like a wounded
bird that must be cared for

or die and if in time
I saw that it is
the wound itself

I hold and feed
and that it is a thing
that only I can see

then I would know
that the teacher had arrived
to give the usual lesson

that I have been standing too close
to the mind of the man
I am trying to outlive

I have been creating relationship
with vanished events
I have been creating meaning

which only I can know
and that lives only in turmoil
so that I get too spun

around to see that nothing
at all
has happened



8 responses to “Standing Too Close

  1. This one REALLY resonates with me my Brother…. Although, not sure that’s a good thing!?!?

    Lots of love,

    SURYA xxoo❤️❤️

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    • This one went through a lot of agony before it was finally able to get out of bed on its own. And thank you, dear friend, I do hope in the end they find me useful.


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