all the feathers that ever fell…

a day to sing in silence
to be still and not wait
as if for a lover’s answer

the tiny caress of a feather
falling to my hand

my mind awakes
to ask the meaning

of all the feathers that ever fell
and whether I should worry

Friend, I tell you
there is so much to unwind
before I get to who I am



4 responses to “all the feathers that ever fell…

    • I’ve been trying to get at something with this one and the previous, H. There are powerful things to deal with that arise from the tiniest, as you say, and I’m thinking of doing something different with the next post. This is all experimental.


    • Yes, try to find contentment. Our contentment is disturbed if we imagine a meaning in things that seem threatening to our self-image. So we have the work of going down through those layers of self-image in order to get to the self that doesn’t deal in images. Hard work.


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