they say that a goddess once lived on this mountain
that she left when the people no longer believed

I could go to the edge
look down
and see further than I ever have

one step more           and all doubt
could be erased

I think it must be that somewhere
within all this detention and fear

this shallow breathing
eyes darting twist of fate

there lives a spark
of some innate and shapeless longing
to touch           the hem of her gown



6 responses to “Veil

    • Yes. I think we do recognize the one we know, as you say. It might be deep, but somewhere within is a seed that has to grow to a fuller humanity. I have to trust that this is true. And… it also makes sense to me. Thanks, H.


    • Yes, Sister Joy. Jumping from a cliff would remove doubt. For a few seconds the future would be certain. But I find that doubt is not my enemy. Doubt opens me up to ongoing inquiry and discovery that keep me interested. Though that wouldn’t work if I didn’t have somewhere an intuition of an awake and creative vastness that I can work in.

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  1. “there lives a spark
    of some innate and shapeless longing
    to touch ”

    And some days that spark is a raging blaze within and on others barely found….yes how we long to touch that hem….. beautifully written my brother


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