the chains that pull me along into the urgent past were given me as a snapped pencil and a butchering knife that shook in my hand when what I wanted was a walk to the corner to have a cigarette and watch the cars roll by in painted freedom hollowed out and bartered for each day before waking and wrapping in the chains which become too dear to part with for a thin promise of revolution and a stick to spring the traps around my bed when all I wanted was to go down to the corner where I could maybe find somebody to help me get a drink

summer releases to the fall

the warmth of breath / coolness of eye

nude with calla lillies

Nude With Calla Lilies ~ Diego Rivera

coldness sinking to the heart

of what lies ahead

I stare at the sun until I must turn my back

and then I see myself in shadow

a woman kneels before great calla lilies

her arms open


it all becomes so simple



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