I think I will simplify my message…yep2

I think I will take all of my
opinions and preferences
advice to you and all my estimations

of what is up           and what is down
draw one word on a piece of cardboard
take it to the street
and show it to the sinners passing by



7 responses to “Yep

  1. Bharat, as part of my presentation to the acharyas at the retreat I did a 24 page Manuscript of Vidya’s quotes on various subjects. Would you be willing to look it over and to add any notes and quotes that you have from her? I would also like your comments on this initial layout. Let me know if you’re willing to see it and i”ll send it over. thanks K Ma >


  2. Love your poem—- your picture is small on my computer, but it looks for all the world that your message is upside down and backwards–I am sure a message in itself…… Of course to someone driving by fast, or just for us simple dyslexics it could be mistaken for the simple letters “DEA”………another message……

    With admiration


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