it looks like rain …

it looks like rain
in the west this morning
and I am enjoying the damp
dark smell of what is on the way

if I don’t mind how long it takes
I can set off in any direction

I tell a story to myself
and I tell it to you
and you tell yourself a story
then tell it to me

maybe I believe you
maybe I don’t

if I don’t mind how thirsty I get
I can set off across a desert
enjoy the searing solitude / and
follow mirages to find my way out

or I could just wait this morning
to see what the west wind brings

this is one story I have
another tells of a white meadow
where I lie down to sleep in the flowers
and butterflies close my eyes

and then there’s the one
where I am the savior

do you have that one?



4 responses to “it looks like rain …

  1. I love this one! Thank you so much for writing and for sharing your beautiful words… I really liked the conversational tone and the question in this. It just so naturally creates a dialogue for me, especially since I can hear your voice saying the words!


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    • Thanks for commenting, Saru. I keep coming back to the story in my writing. Do we interact with one another, or is it our stories interacting? Do we know ourselves well, or do we mostly know about ourselves through the stories we tell ourselves? I’m sure that usually it’s a mix. We try to look past the stories of others and of ourselves and get to reality. And maybe we do pretty well, and sometimes maybe not. Love


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