Counting To One

who is the child soldier
taken from his mother and made to kill
who is the stolen girl
sold a slave to the trafficker
who is the saint
the oppressor, the oppressed
who is the grandmother who tends the fire
who is the child begging for scraps

down from the garden
into and out of existence
stumbling between bliss and devastation
through the ages to this moment
you’ve been a long time coming
to this …

see the knife in your hand
know grace
know the beauty of sorrow
know who you are



2 responses to “Counting To One

    • The poem is maybe hard to hear or even relate to. I’m suggesting that there is a fundamental problem of fragmentation in the individual and in humankind, and that movement toward wholeness is important. But first there has to be a dis-illusioning in order to see the problem. Thanks for stopping by, Beth.


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