the unstruck sound

do you ask the measure of a life?
better to breathe the warm sun
and count the grains of sand
that hold the sea


into the high desert one night
and contemplate the stars
or to a pond of sweet water
in the moonlight and listen
in silence to creation …
to the vibration
of the unstruck sound of the heart


taught in a deep dream
to be disciple of the dust
the invisible yoga that
makes of life a constant offering



2 responses to “the unstruck sound

  1. Hi dear Bharat,

    I really love this poem! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift with the world and me…

    I hope all is well with you and Elizabeth. Life is pretty good for me at the moment I have created and started sharing a three hour program called ‘Living with an Open Heart’ which has been really well received and is a pure joy to lead. I have also begun a seven session series of a ‘Love and Listening Circle’ I which I have six people which is also going really well and is definitely making me explore new edges in my teaching 😊. Also my health has finally turned a corner, yay. And I’m going to visit Jyotika in a few weeks time, so that’s pretty exciting 😃.

    Sending you lots of love and a big hug dear brother,

    SURYA xxoo❤❤😘

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