man went down to the crossroads

man went down to the crossroads
in a cold steel rain

filled with anger
that others had more

beasts of the field were faster stronger
more beautiful

other men had greater wealth and power
and were more feared

friends are unfaithful
love turns to loss

the strong abuse the weak
because the weak are at fault for their weakness

man looked into the night sky praying
God, I deserve more

grant me great wealth and power
so that I can rise above

and I promise that all
will worship you or suffer

a darker bit of the darkness
like a hole in the night

appeared to man and spoke
in a voice like a melody

he won’t help you with that
but I will …



One response to “man went down to the crossroads

  1. Bharat,
    I had to read that poem twice before it sunk in what you are trying to say and yes there is no shortcut to everlasting goodness. If it is offered beware of an illusion.


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