begin there

what were you told at daybreak that set you
what did you see in the schoolyard
and the wars you attended
that seemed to be the truth

I asked a wise woman of the town
how I could know the self I was
before all of my tomorrows and yesterdays
had become the concerns of my life

she said,

after a long journey a great bird came to rest

in a tree near a brook that ran below gentle hills

of wild grasses and new flowers turning to the sun …

begin there


DEAR READER: For the past year I’ve had ulcerative colitis (UC). UC, along with Chron’s disease, is a chronic, inflammatory bowel disease. One of the prominent features of UC is great tiredness. To that we can add nausea, loss of appetite and weight loss – I’ll spare you and not tell you of the other symptoms. Anyway, the outcome is I don’t get much done. I pretty much just want to sleep and mope. I’ve been taking lots of meds, of course, but so far no real improvement. And, I don’t get much writing done. I haven’t lost interest at all. I love to write, but I just don’t have the strength. My loving wife Elizabeth has been absolutely heroic throughout all of this. I don’t want to think of where I’d be were it not for her. So I do have excellent care. Okay, I wanted you to know why I don’t post more often. I haven’t stopped writing, I’ve just gotten slower. Thank you for coming around.